The team


Marcel Offermans

Marcel is a fellow at Luminis and the Director at Luminis Technologies. As a software architect he has a broad experience in different operating systems, languages and applications, ranging from enterprise applications to mobile, embedded and distributed systems. He has been involved in lots of commercial OSGi projects for over ten years and is responsible for the architecture, development and support of an OSGi and cloud based software provisioning product. Currently, he is working on the Amdatu Platform. He is also a member of the Apache Software Foundation and involved as a committer and PMC member in the Apache Felix, Apache ACE and Apache Celix projects.

Marcel regularly speaks at conferences such as ApacheCon, EclipseCon, JavaOne, OSGi DevCon, FOSDEM, Devoxx, NLJUG and various local demo camps and user forums and has given several hands-on trainings on OSGi related subjects.

In his free time, Marcel is a long time simracer and part of the well known Simracing for Holland team. He particularly likes competing with GT cars in endurance events. Sims he’s driven include Grand Prix Legends, Nascar Racing 2003, GTP, rFactor, Live For Speed, netKar Pro, iRacing and rFactor 2. He’s been beta testing rFactor and rFactor 2 and has developed several tools for competing on-line as well as drivers for professional motion platforms.

Paul Bakker

Paul Bakker is a software architect for Luminis Technologies. His current focus is on building modular enterprise applications and the cloud. He believes that modularity and the cloud are the two main challenges we have to deal with to bring technology to the next level, and is working on making this possible for mainstream software development. Today he is working on educational software focussed on personalised learning for high school students in the Netherlands. He is also responsible for pushing technology forward. Luminis strongly believes in open source and all the technology development they are doing happens in the open source community.

Paul is an active contributor on projects such as Amdatu, Apache ACE, JBoss Forge and BndTools. He is also a regular speaker on conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx and JFokus.

Jan Willem Janssen

Jan Willem works as software architect at Luminis Technologies and has several years of experience in various areas of software development, ranging from in-house product development to short-term consultancy jobs. He currently spends his time working on PulseOn and Amdatu and actively participates on several open-source projects, such as Apache ACE and Apache Felix. Jan Willem has a strong interest in software architecture, modularity, and creating scalable software systems.

In his spare time, Jan Willem likes to run and to tinker with all hardware that has a serial port on it. He also is the maintainer of an open-source logic analyzer client, and several other smaller open-source projects.

Jago de Vreede

Jago is a senior java developer for the PulseOn project, his work is not exclusive to java development but also does front-end development, and the integration between these. He likes the performance aspects of the development and the optimization, nothing is more annoying than a slow unresponsive site.

Phuoc Tran

Phuoc Tran is a junior software engineer at Luminis Technologies. He did his graduation project "Distributed Integration Testing" at Luminis Technologies. The purpose of this project was to find possible ways to test the deployment and integration of projects in distributed environments. He is currently working on the projects Amdatu and PulseOn.

Maurice van Ree

Maurice is a software engineer who's just recently joined the Luminis Technologies team fresh out of school.

His interests primarily lie in the design and development of abstract systems existing of a multitude of interesting technologies providing versatility. He is currently working on the PulseOn project, focusing on Java, OSGi, MongoDB and Angular.

Sander Mak

After getting his master's degree in Software Technology, Sander became a software developer/architect specializing in Java and application integration. Recently, data analysis and machine learning were added to his list of interests.

Sander loves sharing knowledge, for example through his blog (at ) and by writing for the Dutch Java Magazine. He speaks regularly at various international developer conferences, sharing his passion for Java, alternative JVM languages and related technologies.

Bram de Kruijff

Active on the web since 1995, Bram de Kruijff is a technology enthusiast, developer and software architect at Luminis Technologies. He has a broad experience with server side web application architectures, frameworks and technologies for enterprise grade applications. Over the years he has been actively involved in many commercial products and projects that successfully adopted OSGi as a server side application architecture, leveraging open source software including many ASF projects.

Bram's current focus is on modular, distributed application architectures for the cloud. He is a PMC member and committer of the Amdatu project and comitter on Apache ACE.

Xander Uiterlinden

Xander is a software developer with a broad experience in architecture, design and engineering of modular applications. Before joining Luminis Technologies he as been working as software architect on an enterprise grade business process application leveraging OSGi and several open source software components. He is a committer at the Apache Felix project contributing to the Apache Felix Dependency manager component and is also involved in several other smaller open source projects.

Herko ter Horst

Herko has been developing software since he was ten years old. He is now an experienced software engineer/architect with a keen interest in Java, OSGi, the Semantic Web and Software Craftsmanship.

As an Agile Software Craftsman, his motto is sir Arthur C. Clarke's third law of prediction: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arjan Schaaf

Arjan has been developing modular and web applications using Java, OSGi and Groovy for years as a software engineer and architect. As a DevOps architect Arjan has shift his focus to bringing development, operations and business together. Making sure great projects like PulseOn work in the Cloud for our customers and end users.

As a DevOps architect, Arjan has a passion for bringing the work of many people together in the Cloud and making it run secure and reliable. Using the latest offerings from Cloud platforms like AWS and open source technologies such as Amdatu and Apache ACE.

Niels Boogaard

Niels is a software developer with a strong focus on front-end related technologies. He is interested in all aspects of user interfaces for web applications, and is experienced with javascript (vanilla and frameworks), HTML, CSS and the like.

Lately Niels has dived into and worked with technologies like OSGi and Java, and now combines this knowledge with his front-end skills to contribute to all parts of the software products he works on.

Dan Bar-Yaakov

Dan is a software developer with vast experience in developing java applications. In addition to backend development, Dan has also been doing quite alot of frontend work using modern web technologies and is always curious to learn new tools and technologies.

As a software engineer, Dan is especially interested in writing reusable infrastructures that can make it simple to quickly translate great ideas to reality.

Marc Sluiter

Marc started programming in Amiga Basic many years ago and didn't stop since then. After a short excursion to Microsoft .Net later on, he concentrated on developing Java applications. While he focused in most projects on backend development, Marc also worked with different frontend technologies.

Marc has also some experience in developing Android apps and is interested in the Internet of Things. In his spare time he works with Java on a Raspberry Pi, the Leapmotion input device and Lego Mindstorms.

Marian Grigoras

Marian is an experienced software engineer with a fondness for data analysis and automation. His latest work on self-optimizing wind turbine controllers, monitoring of worldwide distributed industrial plants and indoor positioning technologies covered both the software engineering and algorithmic parts. Most of his projects were developed using Java and OSGi, with traces of Matlab.

In the free time you can often find him on a mountainbike trail.

Thomas Baier

Thomas got into software development after finishing his university studies in Physics and Mathematics. Since then he could gain professional experience in the development of Java applications and developed a particular interest in software architecture and recently data science.

Besides working with Java, he also likes to get a taste of other languages, like for example Scala or Python, and the programming paradigms they involve.

Robert Zwerus

Robert started tinkering with computers when his age was still in the single digits. Building his own PCs, programming, learning about the Linux ecosystem. After getting his master's degree in Computer Science, he started work at Luminis, where he got experience with software development in a professional environment. His interests lie with open source, Linux, Java, Scala, agile development, modular software and software design.

He enjoys the great outdoors by hiking, cycling or driving through it or camping in it. He's a christian and takes pleasure in spending time with his wife and son.

Raluca Grigoras

Raluca is a software engineer with a strong background in software tools development. Her main focus was on developing C/C++ compilers and simulators for embedded architectures. She is interested in building modular, efficient, maintainable software and recently dived into OSGi technologies.

In her free time, she enjoys mountainbiking, volunteering at a local animal shelter and going to Salsa parties.