Developing applications is a craft, and we take great pride in making beautiful things.


Our culture is to continuously improve our way of working, adopting agile methodologies when they make sense.


We actively participate in the open source community and believe in the value of sharing.


By architecting software in a modular way, we can quickly build maintainable applications.

Luminis Technologies is the software technology and support division of the Luminis group; we develop, distribute and support a suite of innovative software components that enable organisations and developers to exploit the full potential of an interconnected, interoperable world.


Amdatu is an open source community effort focussed on bringing OSGi to the cloud. It contains components to create RESTful, scalable and distributed web applications that use NoSQL data stores, transparent multi-tenancy and much more.



PulseOn offers a personal digital learning environment which takes the level, will to learn, ambition, and unique learning style of each individual in account. Everyone learns with their own knowledge heart rate.

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Apache ACE

Apache ACE is a software distribution framework that allows you to centrally manage and distribute software components, configuration data and other artifacts to target systems. It is built using OSGi and can be deployed in different topologies. The target systems are usually also OSGi based, but don't have to be.

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